Inclusion regardless of ability.

With extensive experience and specialist expertise in community health, disability, neurological and lifestyle-related diseases, we understand the challenges faced by individuals and their families when it comes to disability - and the life-changing impact of having the right support.


What you can expect from us

Personalised, professional services. No big provider or swapping of practitioners. We work on an individual and local community level, so you can count on a friend who will always be there.

A comprehensive assessment. We will meet you to understand your current needs, skills and goals, and plan supports that best fit you as a person. 

Passion and expertise. We live and breathe healthy movement at APEX, so you can be sure to rely on us for motivation, information and experience.

A fun approach. We aim to take the work out of movement, inspire healthy living and share the joys of feeling good...we're ready when you are!


how we're TRANSFORMING lives

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** Please note that as a local community business, we are sometimes limited to meet demand at APEX and will honour our commitment to current NDIS clientele before commencing relationships with new patients. Despite this, we are determined to assist wherever we can and will direct you to the right supports, should we not be able to provide these.